12 août 2008

Street Parade 08 : FRIENDSHIP

As I already anounced it, last saturday was the Street Parade in Zürich.

Street Parade : Electronic Music Parade (and please not "Techno Parade", techno is a just one category of electronic music). It is the second biggest Electronic Music Parade in the world, after the Love Parade in Germany. This year around 820 000 people watched the parade and danced in front of the stages.

Concept : twenty- something Love Mobiles that drive slowly around the lake, with DJ's and dancers in it. On two big places two big stages with an international line up. And everywere in the center : music.

Start of the music in the streets around 13 o'clock saturday, until midnight. And the whole week-end, more than 100 parties in Zürich and around.

Dress code : free, but the craziest, the best.

Spirit :  "love, peace and harmony". This year, the motto was "friendship". The organisators choose "friendship" as a reaction against the increasing violence in parties the last few years. (My explanation : more agressive drugs than before, more alcohol, and more mix of everything)

This year the street parade was friendly. No murder (!), less people arrested by the police than last year, only 155 people rescued for excessive alcohol or/and drug consum, and a peacefull mood in general.

So how was my street parade ?

At 13h we met some friends, and made sure that we would enjoy the afternoon. At 14h we started to dance. During the afternoon, friends came and went, but I can't recall when. The time was distored, I just enjoyed the moment, the music, my wife, my friends. I was happy. The world was full of love (at least in my head).  It was sunny and warm.

We first stayed few hours on the love-mobiles road. The DJ's there were playing mostly house and trance.

Later we moved in front of the Bürklipatz Stage, where the sound was electro (minimal&co)

Night fell, laser drew abstract lines and forms in the sky and on the trees. It was still warm.

At 23h my Sayang and me left the center and went to bet. Tired, slow, our legs heavy and pain. Saying that we couldn't do that too often. But smiling at each other, and joyfull.

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  • J'imagine :o)

    C'est chouette, parce que maintenant je visualise quand tu parles d'un endroit hé! Ca aussi c'est un truc à faire!!

    Et je suis d'accord!! 2oo8, c'est bien l'année de l'Amitié!

    Posté par Elfe SyV, 24 août 2008 à 00:15 | | Répondre
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