03 juillet 2009

Europride 2009, Zürich

Le monde entier le réclamant à corps et à cris (...), il faut quand même que je vous raconte l'Europride 2009, Zürich, Switzerland. Pour faire simple, l'Europride, c'était trés bien. Pendant un mois il y avait des spectacles, des expos, des concerts, des fêtes, des débats, des conférences, un festival de ciné LGBT, et sans doutes d'autres choses.Il y avait le drapeau arc-en-ciel flottant dans tout le centre-ville et sur les trams, bus et trolleys entre celui de la Suisse et celui du canton de Zurich.Il y avait une Fée heureuse... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2009


A good oportunity to visit Zurich : Europride 09 A big and tide event program in Mai and June. The 6 of June : parade in town. Be there !
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28 avril 2009

The lesbian couple : a joke (?)

I don't know what is in some guys mind sometimes. Some guys, when they know you're a lesbian, they think they can hit on you, watch at you in a very insistent way, talk about personal things. The way they talk, so macho, so unbearable. The most crazy in that, is when they do that, in presence of your wife. It is like the lesbian couple doesn't really exist. They know they can't get you (or maybe they want to try to?), but they think they can do that. Pigs ! It is so unsulting. Until now I didn't really have a strategy... [Lire la suite]
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29 septembre 2008

Quelles sont les causes de l'hétérosexualité ?g

Sorry to be lazy and not writing much at the moment... But if you want to read, here a link, in french, to an interesting website : "l'Observatoire de l'hétérosexualité", and especially to this article : "Quelles sont les causes de l'hétérosexualité".So you ca maintain your queerness (heteros can also have a queer mind, by the way, without beeing gays) even if I don't write !
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29 août 2008


Yesterday we watched "XXY" in cinema. Official web site Synopsis : Alex is a 15-year-old teenager with a secret. Soon after her birth her parents decide to leave Buenos Aires to make a home out of an isolated wooden cabin tucked away in the dunes of the Uruguayan shoreline. XXY begins with Alex´s parents receiving a couple of friends and their 16-year-old son Álvaro from Buenos Aires. Álvaro´s father is a plastic surgeon who accepted the invitation because of his medical concern for their friend´s... [Lire la suite]
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12 août 2008

Street Parade 08 : FRIENDSHIP

As I already anounced it, last saturday was the Street Parade in Zürich. Street Parade : Electronic Music Parade (and please not "Techno Parade", techno is a just one category of electronic music). It is the second biggest Electronic Music Parade in the world, after the Love Parade in Germany. This year around 820 000 people watched the parade and danced in front of the stages. Concept : twenty- something Love Mobiles that drive slowly around the lake, with DJ's and dancers in it. On two big places two big stages with... [Lire la suite]
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09 août 2008


Today is a big day for ravers. Today it's the STREET PARADE in Zürich. I hope I can take some photos this year, and I'll write you a report.Until then, I wish you a good week end if you are not in Zürich, and a good safe Street Parade if you are here ! To put you a bit in the atmosphere : Progcast 111_ Royal Spaien
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01 août 2008


Remember this article I wrote about love, or better said, I wrote about my doubts about love. At that time I was lost with my feelings. I noticed that I didn't know what means to love someone. I had a long-distance relationship for almost tree years with a girl, but short before moving finally together in the same city after ours studies, I woke up. What do I feel for her, what did I feel for her, what does love mean exactly ?  What was clear for me, is that I wasn't in love with her (anymore?). I remained confuse. I... [Lire la suite]
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31 juillet 2008


Girls laughingTree People and one tramAfter work populationmy Heart Fish on the facade Reflexions Evening shopingMia and her ear rings
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31 juillet 2008


Few years ago, the french minister for the "cohésion sociale" Jean-Louis Borloo proposed a plan to make as much french as possible owning their own house. It was called "the house for 100 000€". And few days ago, our loved minister of housing and city (she is pretty homophobic by the way) Christine Boutin proposed a magical plan, "the house for 15 €" (a day during 40 years). (people that do understand french please read the article from liberation.fr below) This dream petit bourgeois to make... [Lire la suite]
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