01 août 2008


Remember this article I wrote about love, or better said, I wrote about my doubts about love. At that time I was lost with my feelings. I noticed that I didn't know what means to love someone. I had a long-distance relationship for almost tree years with a girl, but short before moving finally together in the same city after ours studies, I woke up. What do I feel for her, what did I feel for her, what does love mean exactly ?  What was clear for me, is that I wasn't in love with her (anymore?). I remained confuse. I... [Lire la suite]
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25 juillet 2008

Come back

After 15 Months of silence, I'm back on the WWW ! Sorry to those who missed me cruelly... A lot happened in my life since the 29. march 2007, and I will tell you that soon (I can hear how impatient you are!) I have big plans for this blog :  I want to do a new design and organisation. And post reagulary some awesome articles. You may have noticed (if not, you are very intelligent): I'm now writing in english. There is a good reason for that : more people on earth do understand english than french (basically, no, this is... [Lire la suite]
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