12 mai 2009


A good oportunity to visit Zurich : Europride 09 A big and tide event program in Mai and June. The 6 of June : parade in town. Be there !
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28 avril 2009

The lesbian couple : a joke (?)

I don't know what is in some guys mind sometimes. Some guys, when they know you're a lesbian, they think they can hit on you, watch at you in a very insistent way, talk about personal things. The way they talk, so macho, so unbearable. The most crazy in that, is when they do that, in presence of your wife. It is like the lesbian couple doesn't really exist. They know they can't get you (or maybe they want to try to?), but they think they can do that. Pigs ! It is so unsulting. Until now I didn't really have a strategy... [Lire la suite]
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29 septembre 2008

Quelles sont les causes de l'hétérosexualité ?g

Sorry to be lazy and not writing much at the moment... But if you want to read, here a link, in french, to an interesting website : "l'Observatoire de l'hétérosexualité", and especially to this article : "Quelles sont les causes de l'hétérosexualité".So you ca maintain your queerness (heteros can also have a queer mind, by the way, without beeing gays) even if I don't write !
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29 août 2008


Yesterday we watched "XXY" in cinema. Official web site Synopsis : Alex is a 15-year-old teenager with a secret. Soon after her birth her parents decide to leave Buenos Aires to make a home out of an isolated wooden cabin tucked away in the dunes of the Uruguayan shoreline. XXY begins with Alex´s parents receiving a couple of friends and their 16-year-old son Álvaro from Buenos Aires. Álvaro´s father is a plastic surgeon who accepted the invitation because of his medical concern for their friend´s... [Lire la suite]
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